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About Us

    What is now Riverside Grocery began in 1926 on the bank of North Fork of the Saline River near the River bridge as the Ganam E. Dodson Store.  Mr. Dodson died in 1935 and Mrs. Dodson sold the store in the mid 1940's to Cecil Jones who operated it for many years.

Photo and information courtesy of The Benton Courier.
"Recollections of Saline County"

In April 2004 Riverside Grocery
was purchased by Rick and Mattie Bellinger.

Rick and Mattie Bellinger

Rick & Mattie Bellinger

Rick Bellinger moved to Arkansas when he was 15 years old, and finished high school at Perry-Casa. After 5 years as an air conditioner repair man, he started his career in the grocery business with the Phillips Company (Food 4 Less). Rick worked for Food 4 Less for 10 years, and worked up to store manager at the Central Avenue Hot Springs store. He left Food 4 Less and went to work for Sexton Foods as manager for the Village Super Center. Rick worked for Sexton Foods for 7 years as a store manager and 4 years as a district manager, before leaving to run Riverside Grocery.


  Rick plans to capitalize on the reputation that Riverside Grocery has for good home cooking, and add to the store more grocery, feed and hardware items. He wants to make the store a place for the local customers to find their basic needs, without having to drive to Benton.


All Sporting Licenses Sold Here!
We are a Deer Check Station!

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